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 I find the seminar-workshop very interesting and very useful not only to teacherswho are dealing with children with special needs, but to those who are in theregular classrooms. The very engaging sessions, provided the participant with adifferent skills on how to handle these types of children.If EBM would continue to support this Program, what we probably need areClinicians or Medical professionals (developmental pediatrician, psychologist,behaviorist, occupational therapist and/or speech therapist, etc.) be one of theresource persons. This will give us the opportunity to consult them about behavioralproblems we encounter with children with ADHD and with LD.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to EBM for choosing Capiz Division asone of their beneficiaries. Thank you too to Ms. Edith, Ms. Basas, Ms. Azurin, Ayrish and all the staff of EBM for empowering us teachers to become proactive and skilled Inclusive Education teachers. - ("Re-Discover Passion For Teaching: Inclusive Way, seminar-workshop)
-Teacher Maricel Macatangay, Special Education Teacher - Pontevedra Elem. School

- Rediscover Passion for Teaching:Inclusive Way

For the two-day seminar - workshop at Capiz Division sponsored by Empowering Brilliant Minds Foundation. The 50 teachers chosen by their Principals to attend gained insights especially on how to handle differently-abled children in the regular class.

Speakers were amazing. Aside from their expertise in the delivery of the topics, they were very open to respond to questions raised by the participants. The workshop was a new experience the developmental theories presented were accompanied with hands on creative arts activities. What is also amazing is the punctuality in the conduct of the entire seminar. We started and ended on time. Good job!
-Teacher Genna May Fasoy, SPED Teacher, Dumalag Central School

- Rediscover Passion for Teaching:Inclusive Way

 "As a school principal of this institution, I would like to thank Empowering Brilliant Minds for this superb seminar. It helped them grow in awareness of their role as a teacher, appreciate their personshood and their influence in the learning growth experiences of the children. I hope that the teachers in this institution, Pres. Roxas East Elementary School, would become more dynamic and reflective as teachers who knew how to be creative in making learning attractive to the students. Congratulations and more power to Empowering Brilliant Minds. Hope to see you in the next training in our school."

- Eddie Arcenas, Principal-III, Pres. Roxas East Elementary School

 "As a teacher, it gives so much realization that every now and then we need to refresh or to level up. Since I realize my lapses as a teacher, I will change it to be more patient, dedicated, committed and self-oriented with my work and my fellow teachers especially to my pupils."

- Ma. Gay Lin, Grade IV Teacher, Pres. Roxas East Elementary School

 "Today I have learned my weakness as a teacher. I was able to know the fact I have many things to work on. To learn and to prove to myself that I have learned how to overcome and embrace my difficulties for the betterment of everybody especially to my beloved Pres. Roxas East Elementary School"

- Linuel Guillermo, Grade IV Teacher, Pres. Roxas East Elementary School

"Kuya Paolo, thank you for the uniforms that you donated to us. This is a big help to us especially to the children who couldn't afford to buy a uniform. We hope that the Lord will give you more blessings. God bless."

- A Grade IV Student from Makabata School Foundation

"The two new classrooms will now give our teachers the chance to have sufficient time to teach our students and this is because of our classrooms for kindergarten will now finally be complete. For the members of Empowering Brilliant Minds and to AGAPP Foundation, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude and I hope that for those who still want to help in the fulfillment of the goals of the foundation to give more classrooms to those who need it, I hope that you whole heartedly help because the Lord's blessings never run out. For as long as we give, we shall also receive. So I hope that we all continue to help all children in need."

- Ms. Gloria Mojica, School Principal of Aniban Central School

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We aim to help raise awareness and funds to empower underprivileged children through quality education experience.

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